Friday, December 12, 2008

imdownwitu is WTF

So, I got a message on Facebook a few days ago from a friend (from whom I rarely hear anything), saying, "What is up with you being on imdownwitu."  Well, I immediatly was like, "Wtf, I haven't gone to that website."  Then again, I had been doing some rather shaky work, and perhaps I had accidentally tripped over the website.  So I open up a new tab and go to

Bad idea.

Immediately I could tell that it was not a good site.  It said something to me.  I hate it when my computer makes noise, and I would know if I had been to the site before.  Also, it gave me a pop up explaining something to me about my profile picture being uploaded from this IP.  Not true, I knew that to be a fact.  So I closed the tab, and proceeded to write on the persons wall, "wtf, how would you know if I had been there, which I haven't."

And, as it turns out, she didn't write that post on my wall.  Something is moving about Facebook, and I don't like it.  So if you get any sort of link on your wall, don't go to it (unless you are running Linux) if it is anything else than