Saturday, January 3, 2009

10.5.6 Update is the Most Trouble

Well, I updated my Hackintosh from Leopard 10.5.2 up to the latest, 10.5.6.  And, like always, the last one was always the hardest.  The others when smoothly with no issues at all, I just followed the guide I posted earlier.  10.5.6 was obnoxious though.  After the update, it would not recognize my keyboard unless I booted into safemode.  You could tell how that would be annoying.

Booting into safemode, I had to get my onscreen keyboard (System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu -> Keyboard Viewer && show input menu in menu bar) and I also had to change my password to something simple (all lowercase letters, no numbers).  Also in Safemode, I deleted 2 Kexts which I would replace once I booted normally.  I rebooted normally, and installed these two kexts:


Once properly installing both of those, the keyboard worked once again!

You can download the two Kexts here (Unzip and then install).

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