Thursday, June 18, 2009

After talking with my co-author of this blog, Wayfarer, we have decided to move our blog. We have noticed, and any readers we have as well, I'm sure, that our blog the past month or two has not really involved "hacking" per se, and so blogging for the Hack Hut just didn't seem to fit. As such, I would like to point you all to our new blog that we set up: the GenTech blog. The GenTech blog will be based more upon any and all technology in general. It's uses, reviews of it, our ideas on it, everything, not just hacking it. Oh, and did I mention it will include mine and wayfarer's college experience next year? That's right. We will, conveniently, be attending the same college in fall, and so we will blog about all of those experiences as well.

So please, come visit us at GenTech! We hope to see you there!

~Sum Deos

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