Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google Chrome 2.0 Released

So for those of you using the previous version of google's web browser, it's time for you to upgrde. Google has just made a rather large software jump to version 2.0. If you hop on over to Googles website and try downloading the new version of their browser. And if you haven't installed the previous version of google chrome then it's time to make the switch. Especially if you are still using explorer LOL. Chrome, for those of you who haven't used it before, is a very minimalist browser. It's beautifully light and the speed it has is pretty damn sweet too. Chrome has lots of awesome functions and it is even above par (at least IMO) structurally. Chrome uses a method called sandboxing, which is basically a way of saying that each individual tab you have open is a seperate process, allowing the sites to run faster and if one crashes the entire application doesn't crash. Which is frackin useful.

I myself haven't gotten a chance to install the new chrome yet, but I will sometime today. I'll hopefully be able to post my observations either later tonight or tomorrow. Unfortunately, my computer is currently being fixed by the school (since I graduated and we get to keep our laptops, the school has to remove all the school software and reinstall a nice new copy of windows on the machines. So not only am I without a laptop for almost a month, when I so get the laptop back I'm going to have to install another Linux partition which is a solid hour out of my day. Fml LOL) and so I'm not able to really do the same depth posts I so when I actually have a computer. He'll, this post right here took me about 35 minutes to type because I have to use my iTouch for the whole thing. And let me tell you, that is a major pain in the ass to do.

So anywho, just bear with me as I try to make blog posts on an iPod for the next nomen or so, and be sure to check back for my opinions on the new version of Google Chrome. I'll install it on my home computer as soon as I get the chance. Until then, everybody have a good start to summer (I know I will) and I'd you haven't already, ditch Internet Explorer for either Mozilla Firefox ilor Google Chrome. It's up to you which one you pick, but please don't pick IE: that's like choosing vista over ubuntu. It's heresy.

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