Thursday, May 7, 2009

Texting on the iPod touch

Ah, yes, you can feel the power in your palm.  The power of the internet.  Your little iTouch can do almost anything - it can email, play games, control computers, and make farting noises.  But even with the many applications out in the marketplace, I have found one terrible niche that has yet to be successfully filled.


Now, at one point, there was InfiniteSMS, the perfect texting app.  Simple set up, mimicked the feel of the real SMS deal, and worked quickly.  However, it used Google's SMS gateway, and when it became too popular (Because it was so good!) Google killed it off.  What does that mean for the rest of the world?  It means that InfiniteSMS's monopoly was gone and other apps got the chance to shine.

They were given a chance - and they have all proven that they can't fulfill.  I have tested app after app looking for the best solution.  Most of them are expensive, and do nothing more than convert your text message to an email and send it.  Some go as far as to even show you the mail app and let you edit the message there.  Lame.  TextFree is the closest I have come to, and even it is not perfect.  With no landscape mode, bad button positioning, an ugly UI, it has a lot to move onto.  Not to mention it's $5 price tag.

What do we need?

There needs to be the perfect texting app again.  The app that dominates the marketplace because it is just so damn good.  It needs to support landscape mode, it needs to be simple and have perfect contact list integration, it needs to be able to delete messages, perhaps even archive messages.  It should be relatively inexpensive (~$3-$4) and it should never fail.  With all of those in one app, it would sell thousands.

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