Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Skype for iPhone and iPod Touch Is Here!

It's true!  It finally came on March 31, 2009.  The official Skype Application has landed in the Apple App store.  And while you can read what it includes almost anywhere, allow me to tell you once again.
  • Free Skype to skype calls
  • Calling Landlines, Mobile Phones, and other users!
  • IM built in.
  • Calling only works over Wifi, IM works anywhere
  • See who is online anywhere
While it sounds too goo to be true, there are a few things that should be noted.
  1. Some users are complaining about problems with the Skype application on their iPods or iPhones.  Well, yes, there actually is one.  If you jailbroke it.  The package installed upon Jailbreaking your iDevice "Mobile Substrate" causes Skype to crash repeatedly.  The solution?  Open Cydia and update Mobile Substrate.  Saurik already has a new version out which disables Mobile Substrate for Skype.  After updating that, your Skype application will work much better.  So go do it.
  2. Skype for iPhones doesn't work with subscriptions.  Wait... what?  Yeah, that is what I said.  You need to have Skype credit to call people, you cannot simply be using a subscription.  This is undoubtably a purposeful move done by Skype for business purposes, but it is still ridiculous I think.  Now, I need to get credit as well as my subscription?  Or should I just ditch the subscription?  But wait, there goes my voicemail, and money off the online number.  I seriously believe that Skype should rethink their decision and open the program up for their many subscription users.  Edit:  Within the last few hours I have gotten the application to work with my Unlimited US and Canada plan.  Make sure you type in the number correctly!
  3. EDITIt also appears that Skype cannot be run in the background using Backgrounder on a jailbroken phone.  I do not know why, and I am hoping there will be a workaround if this is true.
  4. Editing the Edit:  Saurik released a new update today that gets around Skype's DRM.  All Mobile Substrate programs work with it again after the update via Cydia.  My iTouch is getting more and more like an iPhone.
Edit Edit:  I contacted Saurik, the developer of Mobile Substrate, and he said that backgrounder will work once he enables the Mobile Substrate to work with Skype.  I am sure he is working on such an update!

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