Thursday, April 16, 2009

Firefox: The Ultimate Hacking Tool

Okay, Firefox is probably not the ultimate hacking tool, but in certain situations it does have a lot going for it. One such example is at my High School. It took them some odd two years to finally install Firefox on the school computers, and I often wondered why they were so hesitant. Now I may know.

At least at my school, the IT officials had IE pretty well locked down, even to the extent of reduced functionality. No tabs, no touching, no Options, no browsing local drives, almost nothing. However, they haven't done the same thing to Firefox yet, making it a much more powerful hacking tool.  You can change most of the options in Firefox, you can have tabs (thank God), and you can browse local drives.  What this means is I was able to browse around on the local C drive on the computers, which you usually don't have access to.  I was also able to poke around in a few other interesting places.  It was pretty simple, all I had to do was type in the Drive letter in the address bar I wanted to see like this:


And I was brought right there.  D drive and other drives were just as easy.  It was pretty awesome, try it out on your own computer!

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