Thursday, April 9, 2009

Conficker Payload Launched

So the mastermind of the April 1st Doomsday virus has finally delivered a payload to his zombie bot network of millions of computers. And how devastating an attack it is! Except not really. The new Conficker payload is fairly mundane, and certainly not worth the hype that was given to it.

Conficker has turned its zombie network into a giant spam network. The worm tries to get users to pay $49.95 for non-existent virus and malware removal tools. It is a very common use for virus's and worms. Conficker also downloads another worm that steals passwords and sends more spam through email accounts.

So, now that cyber dooms day has come and gone, all we have is a very sophisticated, top-notch spam bot network. Because sometimes, theres just not enough spam on the internet...

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