Monday, March 2, 2009

Skype + iTouch = iPhone

Well, almost.  You still need WiFi to actually make calls, but if you are like me, and have WiFi everywhere you go... it's pretty damn close.

You don't even need to jailbreak your iTouch.  If you use a free application like Fring or Nimbuzz, you can sign into your Skype Account.  As long as you have credit (I got Unlimited to US and Canada - Come on, it's $3 a month), you can call people from your iTouch.  Mind you, you will need some way to input sound (the 2 generation iTouch supports the iPhone Headphones, the ones with the mic on it), but once you get that.... it works.

So, I mean, thinking about it, it is an investment.  You need the iTouch, the headphones, and the Skype.  But when you compare that to how much an iPhone plan costs... you save after the first year (depending on how big your iTouch is).  I'm really excited to start calling people.  I'll let everyone know what the quality is like.

Next step though... Jailbreak it.

UPDATE:  I haven't jailbroken the iPod yet, but I have made calls from it.  I called my Dad (From the east coast to the west coast) and there was some lag in the conversation - on my part I think.  I'm going to see if that was a distance problem, but I suspect it may be like that for most conversations, which is really disappointing.  I'll work on more details.  But to make it clear - I can call people from my iTouch now.

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