Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full Jailbreak for Second Generation iPod touch.

There's even a story to this one.  But yes, the full jailbreak is now available to the public, I am going to be testing QuickFreedom (before known as QuickTether) to jailbreak my iPod touch.  Wish me luck, I will leave a tutorial up when I have finished.

But how did this come to be?  It's actually rather interesting how it all came about, from what I have been able to read so far.  I'm sure more information will become available in the future, but for now, this is my understanding.

A group of people from the Dev-Team and Chronic worked together to find this exploit.  They decided that the best approach would be to hold onto the exploit (not make it public) until Apple released the next generation of the iPhone and iPod touch; this way if the code contained the same error all of the products would be jailbroken.  However, a company, NitroKey, was also actively working on the jailbreak, and they too found this exploit - however, instead of releasing it, they tried to capitalise on it and released a product for a price that would jailbreak the device.  When Chronic and the Dev-Team saw this, they decided to release their hack so NitroKey wouldn't make money off of the crack - it should be, and always will be, free.

So.... now I'm going to try it.  First step:  Back everything up.

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