Monday, March 23, 2009

Daemon Tools Alternative

I don't know about you, but after spending a long time on the internet, I've found that I pretty much need a virtual ISO handler.

Oh what?  You don't download anything that would need that?  Well, then maybe you don't care.

But I do.  And The problem is, Daemon Tools just didn't cut it for me.  You see, I didn't like how it hid itself in my operating system as almost every single anti-virus software out there tried to kill it.  That just didn't fly with me.  So maybe it has just been the bad feeling I get about it, but there must be a better way.  I tried Alcohol 120%, but I couldn't find a crack that worked for it.

And then, I learned of Starburn.  This incredibly useful program allows for so much to be done.  Not only does it install a virtual ISO manager (you have to request that when you install), but it also allows for the burning of almost any type of DVD (I don't think Blu-ray is among them yet, sadly).  However, I found that it's utility for burning audio CD's is better than iTunes because it got all the CD text on there as well, making it very easy for another computer to tell what the song's info is.

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