Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Connect iPod Touch to Cell Network

You can connect laptops to a cell network, so why not your iPod touch?  Obviously it will require some interesting hardware, and I am curious if I could get it to work for free (besides the hardware).  Already you can buy cards which will allow you to connect your laptop to a Cell network.  One thought is to simply do that (you could even tether your laptop to your phone), and then create an Ad-Hoc network and tell your iPod to access that, and through that get the internet.

However, that is a lot of steps, and it requires your phone, a cable to connect the two (unless you have bluetooth) and a laptop.  Why not a simple hardware dongle which would connect straight to your iPod touch and give you cell network access.  While you are at it, put in a microphone and you just turned your iPod touch into an iPhone.

Someone want to help me with this idea?