Thursday, March 5, 2009

QuickTether - Does It Really Work?

Hellz Ya it works.

Dancool's website appears to be down, he sent the new Download Link out over Twitter - here it is.  His website is back up.  (Looking at Twitter and his Blog, I think the Software is still being Beta Tested - use only at your own risk, and don't ask him for support - only mention bugs.)

I'm using it now.  One issue I have already run into - you need to have libusb installed on your computer (at least for Windows x86 Ultimate) before the program will run correctly, it does not run before you do.  Please follow this guide to install it correctly.  After that (I even restarted O.o ) The program ran fine.

The hardest part I have found was putting the iPod into DFU mode, that took me about 4 tries - I remember doing it with QuickPWN to a first generation iPod touch and got it on the first try, so perhaps the instructions could use a little work...

(It's working...)

(Verifying Software?  LMFAO)

Also, once you have done everything and you use the Boot in Quicktether, (disconnected it immediatly after it says it has finished) and then wait.  If it boots up to what looks life DFU mode, don't panic.

If you can take pictures, or see the battery symbol in the top of the screen, all you need to do is plug it back into your computer, open iTunes (really, it's safe) and then set up your iPod.  It's awesome.  I Jailbroke my iTouch.

Mind you this is Tethered, but plugging it into my computer to boot is not my biggest worry.  Now, the world is much more open with me, and I get to discover all new fun things.  As well as.... well, getting my old App's back, lol.

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