Sunday, September 14, 2008

CERN Powers up LHC

As most of you probably know, CERN has recently completed its Large Hadron Collider, to the horror of many people. And why should we not be terrified? After all, when the LHC collides protons, we may very well be sucked into a black hole!

...or not. While the possibility does exist that CERN may be able to create micro black holes with the LHC, these black holes will not be able to survive long enough to start an Armageddon.

The reason that no one has anything to fear from CERN's LHC is that any black hole they may manage to create will not be powerful enough to suck anything in. Similar micro black holes are created every second from cosmic rays, so what CERN is doing is to simply recreate what nature itself does all the time. Where's the danger in that?

Well, some scientists say, what if the black hole moves slower than the cosmic rays and gets stuck in Earths gravitational pull? It may then grow and within 4 years may create a black hole large enough to destroy the earth. Now that seems reasonable, doesn't it? Those damn Mayans were right again!! They must have been psychic or something.

To all those worried about the CERN project, just remember this - the CERN project is being worked on by THOUSANDS of scientists from many different countries. And they are obviously not worried about the repercussions of the experiment. There has to be a reason that the physicists in our world aren't sweating over this new Armageddon. And if they aren't worried, why should we be? Besides, wasn't it just 8 years ago that we had the Y2K Armageddon threat? And how are we all going to die next year, eh?

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