Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hooking up your Computer to your TV

So, have you ever downloaded a movie, and wished, really badly, that you could see it on something besides your Eeepc, but all you have is your kinda okay Laptop?  Well, I just realized how easy it is to hook up your laptop to your TV for some serious big screen action.  And that makes me happy.  Very happy.

So how is it done?

2 checks and a cable, and you should be good to go (not counting audio, but who needs sound?!)  The first step is to see what outputs your computer has for Video.  Most should have VGA, but some of the older ones may only use DVI or an S-Video out.  The look like this, respectively.

The next step is to find the Video input from your TV.  Now, on my television, this was quite simple.  I looked at the back, found a VGA "Computer" slot (yes, it was even labeled computer).  Other older televisions may have a DVI-D, or just a S-Video, so you will have to hunt for the correct input.  What then?  Then you mix and match.  Find the proper cable, and you should be good to go.  Without Audio of course.

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