Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Hosting - Adventure 2

Well, I just dropped out of another host.  Award Space.  They just didn't offer the features that I found in my favorite host.  You see, Award Space (AS) gives me a free account.  First of all, it was a pain in the butt signing up.  In fact, I didn't even bother signing up.  After going through the registration process, and finding out that the password that I had didn't work, I tried logging in to find that I had made an account for this service a long time ago.  A little digging around found that password, and so I used that.  Screw making a new account!

So, what was wrong with them?  Well, they didn't offer what I wanted.  They had good customer support, if that is any consolence, but they didn't offer what I wanted.

First of all, their servers (or at least the free ones) use PHP 4.  4.4.1, I belive, with MySQL 4 something as well.  Which is okay, but really, PHP 5  is not that hard to get onto your servers.  When I asked if I could update the PHP, they told me only if I paid them money.  Fuck that, I'm not paying you anything, I'm testing your service.  So no PHP 5 goodness for me.

Well, after working on my site, and doing something really cool, I decided that my website should have its own Blog.  You know, the development blog, something quaint and useful.  Well, turns out that their install tool is only for paid accounts as well.  What?!  I'm not paying YOU to install wordpress for me, I can do that on my own server Thank You Very Much.  After both of those, I realized that they opporated under the rule of, pay us, and you can do anything.  Ugh, fine, how much do you want?


$200?  Are you joking?  No thanks, I'm not in for that much.  My own server cost less.  If it wasn't having cancer, then I would use it.  Time to go fix it, I guess.

So... now I'm back to my favorite host, finding out how much I really like them.  Now only if I could access them from anywhere...

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