Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Hosting - Adventure 1

So, I don't know about everyone else out there, but I like to have websites.  They are the door to the internet.  Sure, some may not go anywhere, but it is fun to say that "I have my own website," and not just, "I have myspace."  However, many people, like me, don't want to pay.  Perhaps we just don't have the money, or we don't want to make an initial investment... just yet.  So that puts us in a bad position.


We must scowr the web for free hosting service - that work.  This is the beginning of many adventures that I have had while looking for a good, reliable webhosting service (free!)

My adventures actually began a long time ago, but those were the silly days.  The days of using the "common" free website hosters, such as freewebs.  However, it soon became evident that those people did not appreciate my using of HTML to code websites, so I left, looking for a better host.  And I came to one: Orgfree.

What made Orgfree good?  Well, it was free.  That was good.  And it offered the ability to just type in HTML code.  It also gave me a free MySQL database.  In fact, things were looking up!  But there were many things about it that ate me up.  First of all, it didn't really offer anything besides that.  It had a page that claimed to show how to install a tutorial, but after waiting many months, the tutorial never came.  The entire company seemed to be at a standstill, not wanting to move forwards.  And with the company not going anywhere, I wasn't going anywhere.  I needed more.  And that is what finally caused me to leave it.

Orgfree:  Pro's - Free, easy, HTML editing, PHP + MySQL
Con's - Resizes your browser window whenever you log in, wasn't up all the time, hard to get around, didn't have blogs/scripts.

End Verdict:  Don't go with it, there are just better things out there.

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