Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Google Chrome? Hate Ads? So do I.

Well, after trying Google Chrome, I realized that it could never beat Firefox.  Not the way it was.  At least, not yet.  And do you know what the biggest case against Chrome is?  There is no ad blocker.  And of course, this makes complete sense.  Google makes its money from Ad Blocking, why should it block its own ads?  The business world screams at the very notion of such blasphemy.  Well, what if you absolutely love Google, and have to use all of its products?

The solution?  Proxies.  According to Download Squad, there are a few nice and easy proxies which can block all your ad problems on any browser.  Except, of course, Firefox which has AdBlock Plus.  So, here are some alternative blockers.

Proxomitron, iReject Trash, Privoxy, and webwasher.  All of these work decently well, and should help you browse the web without seeing annoying ads!


Zaelore said...

FYI any unencrypted data sent through a proxy can easily be mined the people running the proxy.

Symmetrical encryption schemes can be logged for decoding, asymmetrical may be MITM'd.

Wayfarer said...

Well... perhaps you may be hacked. Lawl.