Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google Turns 10

Ahh, who doesn't love the giant Search Engine Google?  Well, some of you may not, but I know that Google is my homepage.  So at least I love it.  And you know what I noticed on their homepage?  Google finally realized that they turned 10.  So, what have the decided to do about it?

Why, Party of course.

And by party, I mean launch another one of their schemes.  Google is starting the Project 10 to the 100th.  Basically, the project will accept ideas from people all around the world, and then find the best 100 of them, finallizing it down slowly.  The project that will help the most people, wins.  Basically, Google is trying to live up to its slogan of "Don't Be Evil" and help the world out.  And you know what?  If you have a good idea, you should sure as hell submit it, because if you are the one who wins, your idea just came reality.  And hey, someone has to win the Nobel Prize.

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