Sunday, September 7, 2008

Server's back, fixed up etc.

Apache/mysql/sshd super easy to start up. system-config-services provides a nice/simple graphical interface to do such, I believe that the service command provides essentially the same functionality. Basically a consolidated /etc/init.d/ handler.

Then we had to get apache listening on the proper port. This was a uber PITA, but is essentially three super easy tasks.

1. set apache to listen on the proper port: nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf & change Listen to 81.
2. make selinux let apache listen on that port: use semange to add 81 to the http_port_t object.
3. set iptables to allow connections to port 81: nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables & copy the existing rule for port 80 to control port 81.

next just restart httpd & iptables and you should be good to listen.

Next I installed phpmyadmin from the phpmyadmin website, since mysql really scares me. This took a long time, I had to figure out how to set up an authentication method. After several tries I finally got it working with http as the authentication method. It seems to work fine now.

next I spent a while working on my french website that I'm making to teach myself PHP. I want to make it able to accept new vocab, store it in a mysql DB and display it in nice, searchable tables. So far I've made it able to accept new vocab and put it into a primative table. Persistent storage is the next step.

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